Matthew Blackwell

The Warlock


Matthew Lugner Blackwell

Age: 36(?)

Height: 6’2"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Honey Brown

Matthew was a powerful warlock from The Coven’s past.

Team Catastrophe dispatched him in during a time travel adventure, ensuring that the Book of Shadows stayed in their hands.

He was extremely powerful, having the ability to steal the powers of another witch temporarily by proximity, longer if touched, permanently if killed.


Immediately following the Cooper-Grey wedding it was discovered that the Blackwell coven went to great lengths to resurrect Matthew in an attempt to steal the book back; however, Matthew is volatile and unpredictable and was more volatile than they bargained for.

He led a full assault on the wedding dragging some of the weaker willed coven members down with him. Ultimately in the battle with the Blackwells he was killed and cursed never to return in this lifetime by Alessandra.

Matthew Blackwell

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